Construction men's most prefered tool

Apacta is a time and project management software for craftsmen, which strives to improve it’s customer’s financial sitation in their businesses. By registering hours, materials etc to a project, you have more time to work, and you are therefore free to spend more time on other projects or your family. 

minimize your documents

Lost your timesheets? Did you misplace the photos? With Apacta you can save photos and documents to your projects.

follow client payments

Compare your own expenses and make sure you have invoiced your customer correctly. Stop losing money by invoicing with Apacta.

manage pricefiles

Adjust and save your settings on your user for your margin, prices files etc. and let Apacta take care of the rest!

save to the cloud

Save all your registrations, projects, pictures, documents, price files etc. with Apacta. Quick overview, and no more paperwork!


Get started today with Apacta by getting the features in the Box of Crafts. Watch the developement as you liquidity improves, and your business strengthens. Add one or more features to your user, and get the full experience of having Apacta in your toolbox. Never has administration work been this simple!


Per month

  • Box of Crafts
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Economy & Invoicing
  • Material Registration
  • Unlimited Support
"I've realized how much the feature Invoice Management has given me, I didn't know there was this much money to save"
"I used it as an employee in a business. Amazingly simple and easy system to use. The support is phenomenal and even takes care of the employees.
Magnus rype Lund
"Always friendly and helpful! What's even better, they act on your suggestions to improve to perfection. It's great when what you want comes true - Thank you, everyone"
Rikke Hartsø
"The best part about Apacta is the safety and assurance I am able to provide my customers with the documentation and registrations"
Ulf Frost
Craftman - Roskilde Tømrer

Frequently asked questions

Both employer and employee can use the app. The employee is able to register hours and materials to a project, and the employer can follow up from their app or in the control panel. 

 However, it is only the administrator/employer who can adjust settings etc. for the business in the control panel. 

You are always able to add an employee to your user by pressing “Employees” in the control panel. It’s the right cornered green botton that says “Create Employee”. 

It is possible to create a project on the app, but first, it has to be adjusted in the settings in the control panel. The administrator (probably your employer) can make the adjustments in the side option “More settings” under the settings menu. Here you will find the option “App” and you can scroll down and choose yes under “Create projects”. Now you are able to create a case from the app by pressing “Choose project” and typing in the titel of your new project the search bar. Because the system does not recognize the project’s titel, you will now get the option “Create new project” and you are now able to see the project in the app and in the control panel. 

You do invoices in the control panel. Choose “Projects”, and then te project you need to do invoices to. You now see the overview of the project, and you can press the green botton “New Invoice”. Thereafter you can choose to adjust the invoice draft. You can add more description lines for the invoice and the ones you have already invoiced on the project. You can also adjust your settings for the invoices. 

Once you have adjusted the the invoice, you can either send it to the customer or transfer it to the accounting software of your choice (however, you will need to set up the integration between Apacta and the accounting software, first). 

Now you can press “Invoicing”, add a status to the project and now you only need to press “No” in the “Send the invoice?”-option. The invoice will now automatically be transfered to your invoice drafts option in your accounting software’s system. If, however, you would like to send it to the customer, you choose “To customer” in the “Send the invoice?”-option. 

If you have forgotten your password as an employee, you have to contact your employer, because it has to be changed in the administration panel. However, if the employer forgot thier password they can go to app.apacta.com, choose “Forgot my password”, and we will send you a new temporary password to get you started again. 

Are you still having a hard time you are welcome to contact us at:


Box of Crafts

  • Box of Crafts
  • Manage your projects with hours and materials used out in the field
  • Register hours and let Apacta do the payrolls at the end of the month
  • Save documents and pictures with Apacta and assign it to a project
  • Manage economy and invoicing with Apacta and ensure you never lose money again
  • Register materials and set your own margin and ensure your profit

Extra features

  • Add one or more features
  • Let Apacta make sure you don't forget to invoice your work before sending it to the customer
  • Scrolll through products and prices from different distributors and ensure you never pay too much again
  • Rent out material and machinery, and charge automatically by the hour
  • Plan in Apacta's calendar inspired by Gannt and add projects so that you have an overview of what's to come and what has to be done
  • Add an employee as a manager on a project thereby allowing them to add hours and materials for every
  • Share your project with your customer or anyone else interested in the project and decide yourself what you would like to share